Sad news circulated in the media. A well-known actor has passed away

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Leonard Pietraszak passed away.

Sad information circulated in the media. A well-known and liked actor passed away

According to the “Interia” portal, Leonard Pietraszak, an outstanding film, theater and television actor, has passed away. The artist passed away at the age of 86, which was announced by the president of the Association of Polish Stage Artists.

Leonard Pietraszak is dead

Krzysztof Szuster, the president of ZASP gave an extremely sad news. Leonard Pietraszek died at the age of 86. Szuster remembers him not only as an outstanding artist, but above all as a “good man” who was always ready to help others, approaching everyone he came in contact with kindness and understanding.

His achievements include many roles, from the episodic to the significant ones. One of the roles that brought him the greatest recognition were performances in “Black Clouds”, where he played the role of Dowgir, and in “Czterdziestolatek”, where he played Dr. Karol Stelmach.

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Who was Leonard Pietraszak?

Leonard Pietraszak was born on November 6, 1936 in Bydgoszcz. This is where he spent his childhood. As a young man, he did not plan to tie his future with the stage and acting. He dreamed of becoming a sports commentator. He was passionate about boxing, which he trained himself.

Choosing his studies, he decided to study chemistry. Ultimately, however, fate directed him to acting. He started with episodic roles in such productions as: “Bad Luck”, “Cafe pod Minogą” and “Awantura o Basia”.

It wasn't until the role of Dowgird in “Black Clouds” that he gained popularity and recognition. As he himself admitted, he was afraid that he would remain pigeonholed in this role forever, and then came salvation in the form of a role in “Forty-year-old”. He played doctor Karol Stelmach, who was a friend of the main character of the series.

Sad news circulated in the media. A well-known and popular actor has passed away

Family, relatives , friends and fans of Leonard Pietraszak, we extend our deepest condolences.