Sad news for fans of Sławomir and Kajra. The couple was left without work

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Sławomir and Kajra lost their jobs.

Sad news for the fans of Sławomir and Kajra. The couple was unemployed

According to the “Pomponik” portal, Sławomir and Kajra lost their jobs at ZOOM TV. The station introduced its own breakfast program, which was to compete with “Question for breakfast” and “Dzień Dobry TVN”. Unfortunately, the ambitious project turned out to be a flop. The success of “Morning Croissant” was not even ensured by the stars leading the format.

Claims on ZOOM TV

It has been said for a long time that the morning breakfast series on ZOOM TV did not achieve the success that the station's authorities had hoped for. In early February, there was information that the station was finally giving up “Morning Croissant”.

As a consolation, representatives of the station announced that viewers will still be able to see repeat episodes of the program. For fans of “Morning Croissant”, however, this is little consolation.

The decision to resign from “Morning Croissant” meant a whistle for the hosts of the format. Among others, Kajra and Sławomir, Basia Kurdej-Szatan and her husband Rafał, the Zieliński sisters, and Krzysztof Skiba and Jacek Kawalec lost their jobs.

Quick End

The “Morning Croissant” program debuted on ZOOM TV on July 4, 2022. For several days, the program had two parts. On weekdays it could be seen at 7:45 and at 8:15. Since July 22, there has been only one broadcast, starting at 7:45.

The last breakfast episode was broadcast on Monday, December 12. The episode that saw the largest number of people was the one from November 17. The research shows that it gathered 23.8 thousand views in front of the screens. viewers.

In the program, viewers learned the latest news from both the country and the world. Fans of the format could also count on the latest cultural recommendations.

Do you regret that “Morning Croissant” disappears from the air?