Safehaven: Stephen Moyer (True Blood) returns to the small screen in a horror series

After seven seasons portraying Billy in True Blood, Stephen Moyer is returning to television in a new horror series called Safehaven.

It's been six years since the final episode of True Blood aired on HBO. The vampiric series, a bit horrifying, was very popular with all fans and the news that follows will fill them with joy. Indeed, the star of True Blood, Stephen Moyer, who played the vampire Bill, has just landed a new role in a supernatural horror series as announced by Deadline . Belle Shouse ( Queen America ) and Antonio Cipriano (Broadway's Jagged Little Pill) also joined the cast of Safehaven . Created by James Seale and directed by Brad Turner, who also serve as showrunners, Safehaven, consisting of ten episodes, is slated to begin production in January 2021 in Louisiana. [/ embed]

The Safehaven plot follows Jenna Frost (Belle Shouse), a fierce and complicated high school comic artist who must fight to uncover hidden truths after gruesome visions of her drawings come to life, threatening everyone around. of her. Stephen Moyer plays John Rayburn, the mysterious new school counselor determined to save her, even if it puts their lives in danger and unearths his own personal demons . To complicate matters, Will (Antonio Cipriano), a passionate young man committed to protecting Jenna, finds himself torn between rejection of his help and his growing feelings for her. For the moment, no release date is yet scheduled, but we will probably have to wait until the fall of 2021 to see this new horror series. While waiting to learn more, discover these end of series that we prefer to forget.

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