Sainte-Rose-du-Nord: William Côté-Boivin accused of attempted murder of his father


Sainte-Rose-du-Nord: William Côté-Boivin charged with attempted murder of his father

Witnesses were questioned in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord by police officers from the Sûreté du Québec.< /p>

William Côté-Boivin has been charged with attempted murder of his father using a hammer. This is one of eight counts filed against the 28-year-old man from Sainte-Rose-du-Nord on Friday afternoon at the Chicoutimi courthouse.

Sound was still considered critical, but stable, as of late Friday afternoon, according to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

The suspect was arrested by SQ police around 3 a.m. Friday morning, after a run of about seven hours.

He was in a wooded area, on the Platform trail, when the police arrested him. The dog handler participated in the search.

William Côté-Boivin was charged with attempting to cause death […] by using a weapon, namely a hammer. He also faces four assault charges. One of these states that he acted by injuring, maiming, disfiguring and endangering life.

He is also accused of having driving in a dangerous manner, uttering death threats and causing mischief to property.

The case was adjourned to August 12. The accused will remain incarcerated until then. He is forbidden to communicate with his parents and neighbours.

He was dressed in a white jumpsuit during his brief appearance before Judge Pierre Lortie and remained calm.

The Chicoutimi courthouse

The evidence that the prosecutor in the file, Me William Lacombe, had in hand was partial on Friday. However, he does not expect any charges to be added.

At this time, after reviewing the case, it is reasonably believed that to prove beyond any doubt on each of the counts that was presented on the two informations, he indicated.

Criminal lawyer Luc Tourangeau, who represented his associate Me François Dionne, could not mention whether William Côté-Boivin has a criminal record.

“We will analyze this case, it will be evaluated extensively and we will determine what the possibilities are. to defend, in the case of sir. […] It was my colleague who spoke to him this morning. Gentleman still seemed adequate, seemed to understand the legal process. »

— Me Luc Tourangeau

According to a neighbor of the residence where the tragedy occurred, retired journalist Gilles Angers, the son who savagely attacked his father was in a state of psychological distress and represented a danger to the population.

According to what he said, the father went outside after the fight started.

Gilles Angers is close to the residence where the tragedy occurred. According to him, the son who savagely attacked his father was in a state of psychological distress.

He was screaming for help, but we could hear him from behind. kinda tone-deaf way, until he said, shirtless, really freaked out, he was saying, “It's an SOS, get moving.” So me and some other neighbors moved forward a bit, cautiously. He was violent on his father's car, they say, because I did not see him, and on his father himself, he said.

After the attack on his father, the young man allegedly drove in the opposite direction, screeching his tires, and fled. On the way, he would have destroyed a wooden statue which is at the tourist reception in the heart of the village.

With information from Priscilla Plamondon Lalancette and Myriam Gauthier


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