Sales of smartphones in Russia at a minimum in five years – media


Smartphone sales in Russia at a five-year low - media

On In the Russian market, the share of Chinese smartphones increased from about half of the market to two-thirds.

In the second quarter of 2022, sales of new smartphones in Russia fell to a five-year low. This was reported by Vedomosti on Wednesday, July 27, citing representatives of the Beeline and Tele2 operators.

Thus, the source close to one of the Russian retailers called quarterly sales “the lowest in a decade.”

According to MTS and Beeline, about 4.5 million smartphones worth 103 billion rubles were sold in Russia during this period.

At the same time, MTS said that sales had fallen by 30% by 2021 and by the number of sold devices, and in terms of money, in Tele2 – by 23% and 12%. Megafon recorded a 17% drop in sales in terms of the number of smartphones.

Among the peculiarities of smartphone sales in Russia, the interlocutors of the publication also named the growth in the share of Chinese devices – from about half of the market to two thirds – and the growth of the segment of used devices.


At the same time, analysts interviewed by the newspaper associate the decline in demand for smartphones with a decrease in real incomes of the population and an increase in the cost of smartphones.

“Purchasing power, geopolitics, fear for the future – all this does not contribute to buying an iPhone for more than 100 thousand rubles,” said Sergey Polovnikov, head of the Content Review agency.

Recall that in May, the Russian economy shrank by 4.3% year-on-year after falling by 2.8% in April.

It was also reported that by the end of 2022, the Russian economy will shrink by 15% and another 3% in 2023. This will negate the country's 15-year economic growth.

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