Salma Hayek once tackled by famous singer, here’s why

Salma Hayek once tackled by famous singer, here’s why

Salma Hayek once tackled by famous singer, here’s why

You may not know it but Salma Hayek has already been tackled by a famous singer and we show you the reason.

Recently accused of marrying her husband for money, Salma Hayek responded cash to the rumor. The actress clearly doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket and never hesitates to say what she thinks. For proof, guest on the set of the show Watch What Happens Live animated Andy Cohen last January, the actress confessed to having refused to interpret the late singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the cinema: “They offered me the role a week after Selena died. They were already planning to do the movie but I found it a bit in bad taste.” Words that did not please Jennifer Lopez, who finally embodied the Mexican artist on the screen. At the time, the interpreter of “If You Had My Love” had also subtly tackled the pretty brunette.

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During an interview, Jennifer lopez had confided: “We operate in two different areas. She’s a sexy bombshell and that’s the kind of roles she plays. I do all kinds of different things. It makes me laugh when she says that she was offered the role of Selena because it’s a lie. If that’s what she says to advertise herself, that’s her problem. Columbia offered me to star in Love at first sight and aftermath [un film dans lequel Salma Hayek tient le rôle principal, ndlr] but I chose this B movie because the script for Love at first sight and aftermath was not strong enough. “ Ouch! Elsewhere in the news, discover the details of the day when Salma Hayek confronted François-Henri Pinault because she was convinced he was cheating on her.

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