Salma Hayek's daughter demonstrates how to show off her legs with these shorts


There is no doubt that you have the best teacher as a mom. The young woman has learned from the glamorous and elegant style of the talented Salma Hayek.

Salma Hayek's daughter shows how to show-off her legs with these shorts

Salma Hayek. Valentine Dove. Looks..Salma posing. Source: Instagram @salmahayek Posted in TRENDS on 5/24/2022 · 10:10 a.m. Share this article

Valentina Pinault, daughter of Salma Hayek and Frenchman Fracois Henri-PinaultShe stopped being a girl. She is already a teenager with a unique style. The beautiful 14-year-old has learned the subject of fashion quite well, and of course, of luxuries from her mother.

At 14 years of age, Valentina Paloma  She is already a fashion icon. She has all the most luxurious, trendy and brand name clothes. Recently, she taught how to wear each look, which ranges from dresses to pants.

In a recent photo shoot for Vogue, Valentina Paloma, wore and posed different looks, showing her great modern style, revealing her model side. Despite this, there was a look that dazzled everyone and it was the one that became the favorite of this season.

Salma Hayek's daughter shows-off how to show off her legs with these shorts /></p>
<p> Source: Instagram @salmahayek </p>
<p>The daughter of <strong>Salma Hayek</strong>  wore a super modern, calm, comfortable and, above all, elegant look, made up of simple garments. She was shorts and a knitted sweater in shades of beige with a strawberry print. She closed the total look with a brown belt and sandals of the same color. Her hair looked loose with super cool waves.</P> </p>
<p> Social networks exploded when they saw the images of Valentina. “This girl is perfect”, “I love Valentina's style, it is very glamorous”, “She has the best style of all”, “The best look I have seen” were some of the comments that the young woman received on the social network of the camera & nbsp; However, a few days ago the 14-year-old teenager attended the Balenciaga parade at Paris Fashion Week with her mother, where she showed up with a black tote look. While <strong> Salma </strong> & nbsp; she wore a red dress with black slits. Both very beautiful as usual and elegant.</p>

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