Samsung creates a function to hide the data of a cell phone being repaired


Samsung creates a function to hide data from a cell phone being repaired

Samsung is offering Repair Mode for Galaxy S21 devices in South Korea, but isn't ruling out expanding it to other smartphones.

Are you worried your personal data, text messages and photos are not safe when you leave your smartphone in a store to have it repaired? Samsung has created a reassuring feature for owners of Galaxy devices.

Repair mode was announced in a press release spotted by the specialized site SamMobile on the group's Korean-language corporate communications page.

Once activated through the settings, this mode will restart the device and then only give access to the applications installed by default on the phone.

High end smart phones Samsung's lineup, the Galaxy S21, launched in January 2021.

Messages, photos, and personal accounts will no longer be accessible until a user authenticated – by fingerprint or passcode – disables repair mode.

This feature will first be made available on Galaxy S21 devices in South Korea. The company plans to offer it for other models.

Samsung has not yet specified whether this function will also be offered in other countries.


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