Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: the design of the smartphone screen foldable leak !

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: le design du smartphone à écran pliable fuite !

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: le design du smartphone à écran pliable fuite !

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Great news for Samsung fans ! The design of the Galaxy Fold 2, the latest smartphone of the brand, has been leaked on the social networks !

Warning spoiler ! On social networks, the design of the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has been leaked ! Here, MCE TV you watch.

It’s been several weeks that the next smartphone from Samsung is talk. On social networks, several drawings and possible design have made their appearance.

Recently, a designer on the social networks has, therefore, published 3D renderings that show the design of the device. And for fans of the smartphone, the success of the latter would, therefore, be accompanied by the famous pen S-Pen how Galaxy Note…

But that’s not all ! The new Samsung has a camera in the rectangle. Wow !

It is what it is. And that’s not all… The brand has announced other new features. Has your pens !

The company south Korean, in the process, announced that it would propose to its users a new smartphone foldable to the horizontal. A nod to the first phones clamshell 2000s. Old school !

Currently, the firm would work on a second version of the Galaxy Fold. On the web, the phone and its features have leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: le design du smartphone à écran pliable fuite !

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: le design du smartphone à écran pliable fuite !

The design of the smartphone has leaked


If you look at the different photos posted and other social networks, we can note some significant differences compared to the previous model of the Samsung.

In fact, the screen seems to be significantly larger than its predecessor. The precedent, therefore, was 4.58 inches, compared to 6.4 inches for the latter.

So here is something for those who will use their mobile phones to watch series ! Or make video calls.

But this is not all. This time, the camera is thus arranged on the right side of the screen. A great first.

Another notable change, the return of the famous pen. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will receive a pen, the famous S-Pen, to make the user experience more fluid. Excellent news, so.

On social networks, the internet users have not made prayer to express their joy at the idea of discovering the next model of the giant Samsung. And it’s understandable.

Some users say they are ” delighted “ of this Galaxy Fold 2. Other, more mixed, expect other new developments for this upcoming Smartphone.

Anyway, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has a cost : the device is thus between 1500 (such as the Z-Flip) and 2000 euros (as the first Fold). The technology has a cost.

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