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Samsung is playing the transparent microLED Smart TV card (at the price of an apartment)

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For several years now, Samsung has been steadily trying to revolutionize the Smart TV market. It was first LCD, then LED, before becoming OLED or even QLED without forgetting microLED technology… As part of CES 2024 which has just started in Las Vegas, the Korean giant once again demonstrated its technology, with a new Smart TV prototype.

A transparent microLED screen at Samsung in 2024

We already knew about microLED technology, unveiled for the first time in 2017, which makes it possible to offer incomparable image quality… provided that the customer is willing to pay several tens of thousands of euros for the acquisition of a dedicated Smart TV. Even though this microLED technology is still not affordable, Samsung goes further (too much) further, by adding … transparency.

In fact, Samsung brought to CES a brand new prototype, running football match demonstrations and fireworks with 3D-like overlays. “Thanks to know-how from more than six years of tireless research and development, this new modular microLED TV will seduce with its futuristic design” indicates the Korean group.

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Even though we do not yet know how much this new technology costs, nor when/if it will one day be marketed, Samsung presented not one, but three prototypes of transparent microLED screens, with slightly different designs.

Two feature tinted glass that makes it easier to ignore any objects that could create conflicts behind the panel, while another version had the same transparency as regular glass, while Boasting a frameless design. For the viewer, the result could not be more confusing, with content displayed on the screen which can quickly take the form of a hologram floating in the air.

According to a brand spokesperson: “As transparent microLED displays have a higher brightness than transparent OLED panels, they are also less affected by ambient light.” In fact, a microLED screen allows you to benefit from brightness up to ten times higher than its OLED equivalent.

As mentioned above, at present, Samsung has not formalized any release date, or even the slightest price concerning this new transparent microLED screen. Currently, the Samsung Micro LED 110″ launched in 2022 is priced at $149,999. Suffice it to say that the transparent model will be reserved for a very (very) restricted clientele…

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