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Samsung will take on MacBooks with equally powerful PCs

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Observers and the various specialized media agree on one thing: the M2 chip of the latest generation of Macbookis a real success. While the company previously relied on x86 chips made by Intel, this radical change has been very beneficial for its products. Excellent performance and very reasonable energy consumption, enough to make competitors jealous. Among these, the Korean giant Samsung which is currently preparing a nice counterattack with its future Galaxy Book 4.

A change signed Meteor Lake

However, we must not deny that the Galaxy Book 3 remains an excellent computer, serious enough to compete with the Macbook Air range. Its autonomy, however, is slightly behind the Apple product.

But Samsung has not said its last word, and the arrival of Intel Meteor Lake CPUs could change that. The 14th generation of chips is highly anticipated for several reasons.

First, Intel is introducing a completely new processor architecture, in chiplet, which allows a large number of components to be grouped together on their chips: GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), CPU (Central Processing Unit), NPU (Network Processing Unit) and I/O (input/output). In addition to this innovative design, these new chips will benefit from the new generation of Intel 4 semiconductors and an engraving fineness of 7 nm.

This new generation of chips will also use the power of AI to drastically reduce their energy consumption. A significant advantage, which should greatly benefit the future Galaxy Book 4.

State-of-the-art performance

For the very first time, the Meteor Lake generation will integrate an NPU , a device functioning more or less like a neural system. The NPU is supposed to optimize all the tasks that we now entrust to the AI ​​and thus relieve the other components.

On the GPU side, the future Samsung laptop will not do the same either. half things. Equipped with the new Xe LPG architecture, it will have 8 cores and will support advanced rendering technologies: raytracing and XeSS (supersampling from Intel).

Connectivity will not be left out either and Intel has focused on versatility: WiFi 7, Bluetooth 5.4 and several compatible physical ports: Thunderbolt 4, DisplayPort 2.1 and of course HDMI 2.1. We can still be surprised by the fact that Thunderbolt 5, which has just been announced, will not be supported.

Meteor Lake could finally be the long-awaited springboard for Samsung is pushing its Galaxy Books to the same level as MacBooks. Expected for an announcement in the first half of 2024, it is possible that this new iteration of the Korean brand could convince some Apple users to change creameries.

  • Samsung's future Galaxy Books will integrate Intel Meteor Lake chips.
  • These chips are a compendium of advanced technologies and work thanks to AI.
  • This new integration would allow Samsung to improve the autonomy and performance of their laptops.

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