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Samsung's Galaxy Ring is official and already seems very disappointing

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring was one of the most anticipated announcements of the Samsung Unpacked event that just took place. Indeed, Samsung reported that 75% of French people surveyed during a study carried out last March are interested in the concept of the Galaxy Ring.

Many people would probably like to be able to take advantage of the features offered by connected watches, without necessarily having to carry them around. Here, the ring format is rather ideal for carrying out activities without anything on the wrist, such as sleeping without feeling the pressure of the watch for example.

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A gem…

In order to meet the expectations of people interested in smart rings, Samsung has announced the arrival on July 24 of its Galaxy Ring, the first model of its kind launched by the Korean giant. Samsung is emphasizing here the importance of offering above all an elegant piece of jewelry, a ring designed in titanium, the material having the advantage of its lightness and its resistance. It is also increasingly present in high-end smartphones for these same reasons.

Its certification IP68 10 ATM will retain the ring while in aquatic environments, with activities such as swimming or snorkeling.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring is official and already seems very disappointing

© Romain Vitt for Presse-citron

Unlike other manufacturers who are content with single color or size models, Samsung offers here 3 colors with gold, silver or matte black. For each model, 9 sizes will be available ranging from US sizes 5 to 13.

Its concave design gives it a reduced size of 7 mm wide and 2.6 mm thick, which remains average for connected rings already on the market.

… but no technology

Where the Samsung Galaxy Ring risks disappointing more one, it is especially at the level of its functionalities. The ring has 3 sensors, temperature, an optical and an accelerometer. It will therefore make it possible to collect data on sleep, monitor the wearer's heart rate, and also predict the wearers' menstrual cycle with its 7 days of autonomy.

Obviously, the ring will track its user's sporting activity, even if the recognized sports have not necessarily been mentioned by Samsung. The collected data will then be used by Galaxy AIin order to understand the ins and outs of it, such as an energy score, as well as how to improve it.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring is official and already seems very disappointing

© Romain Vitt for Presse-citron

If the Galaxy Ring offers gesture recognition allowing you to stop an alarm or take a photo, we still regret the absence of features that had been the subject of rumors when this connected ring was discovered. So, remember, the rumors about it that mentioned the possibility for the connected ring to become a real nutritionist for its wearer. In the end, this is not the case.

It also does not have, unlike some competing rings, a vibration system, which is particularly useful for waking up gently, without disturbing people around you. Even more disappointing, the Samsung connected ring also does not offer payment systems, or NFC which could have replaced the Navigo pass, for example, or allowed you to open certain connected locks without having to take out your smartphone.

It's beautiful, but it's expensive

Samsung's Galaxy Ring is official and already seems very disappointing

© Romain Vitt for Presse-citron

If the aesthetic qualities of the ring are undeniable, the functionalities offered here still remain very conventional and rather disappointing. That's not all, since the most annoying point here remains its price. Indeed, Samsung's first connected ring will be offered at the very high price of 449 euros.

In addition, no launch offer will be offered with this Galaxy Ring, the hype of which definitely risks falling like a bellows after this official announcement. Samsung still suggests a payment of 19 euros per month for 24 months for anyone who wants to get the expensive ring.

  • Samsung has just officially announced its first connected ring with the Galaxy Ring
  • Featuring 3 sensors, it will mainly collect sleep and physical activity data
  • The Galaxy Ring will be available on July 24 at a price of 449 euros

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