Sandman: Netflix offers a trailer of the Underworld for its fantasy series


< strong>Netflix has unveiled the final trailer for Sandman, a fantasy series adapted from the DC comics written by Neil Gaiman.

If the months of august and september are often hot, they will be busy as well. Indeed, while HBO has its House of the Dragon for us for the end of August and Amazon will broadcast The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power at the beginning of September, Netflix has also decided to launch its fantasy seriesto compete with the giants HBO and Amazon and especially the giants Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings, two franchises already well established in the hearts of viewers.

But for the platform at the red N, the strategy is a little different. If his flagship summer series is based on writing, it will be the first adaptation. Indeed, created by Allan Heinberg, Sandmanis adapted from a series of fantasy comics written by Neil Gaiman between 1989 and 1996, which features several characters called the Eternals (nothing to do with those of Marvel). In this final trailer, we discover more about Dream, the eternal responsible for dreams and nightmares.

Played by Tom Sturridge, a British actor still relatively unknown to the general public, Dream alias Morpheus alias Rêve is released after years of imprisonment and undertakes to repair his mistakes made in the past, while seeking to recover his powers. Like the other six Eternals (Destiny, Death, Despair, Destruction, Desire and Delirium), he is the embodiment of a concept that precedes and survives the Gods, who themselves are likely to be forgotten by mortals. We understand that dreams are threatened and that Dream will have to protect them, because without dreams, humanity can disappear.

The trailer, very dark and filled with magic, also reveals the other characters, such as Kirby Howell-Baptiste who plays Death, Gwendoline Christie who plays Lucifer, and especially Boyd Holbrook who plays the Corinthian, a character/nightmare created by Dream, who seems to be the main antagonist of the series.

IfSandman seems to rely a lot on its characters and their abilities, we feel that the visuals have not been neglected. From Tim Burton to Harry Potter, without forgetting Good Omens (series adapted from other writings by Neil Gaiman), The Sandman summons many references and promisesa dreamlike, fantastical and dangerous journey, to the confines of the imagination.

To find out if < strong>Sandman is as exciting as it looks, we won't have to wait much longer, since the fantasy series will land on Netflix on August 5, 2022.


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