Santo Domingo 2026 Games Organizing Committee is sworn in Technology Commission

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  • Santo Domingo 2026 Games Organizing Committee swears in Technology Commission

    José P. Monegro, president of the Committee on Organizer  of the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026, swears in the members of the Technology Commission of that organization.

The Committee of Organizer of the XXV Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026  announced the members of the Committee of Technology that will accompany the study. to the Committee Organizer in everything related to this aspect of  regional sporting event.

The Committee de Tecnología is in charge. made up of renowned technology professionals José; Armando Tavárez, who will chair it, Orlando Prieto, César Lara, Juan Francisco Terrero, Arturo López Valerio  and Darwin Castillo.

The group was sworn in by the Chairman of the Committee Organizer, journalist José P. Monegro, who thanked the Willingness to join the team that will work for you.

“The demonstrated willingness to serve those who make up this team and their recognized technical capacity put us on the path to making the Central American and “The Caribbean Santo Domingo 2026 will be the most technological in history,” said the company. Monegro after taking the oath.

While José Armando Tav’rez, former rector of the Technological Institute of the Americas, expressed his appreciation. He said that for all his colleagues it is a pride to serve the country in an honorary manner from the responsibility that has been entrusted to him.

“We will dedicate all our efforts so that the grain of sand that we have to contribute help the Dominican Republic shine in staging these games,” said Tavárez, speaking on behalf of the Technology Commission.

The president of the Technology Committee; Organizer was accompanied by Arístides Fernández Zucco, operational coordinator of the San Salvador 2023 sub-headquarters, and César Heredia Corporán, who will act as coordinator. as strategic support of the Committee of Technology.

“We have made significant progress in this regard to guarantee the success of staging these sports in our country, fulfilling the word promised by the Dominican government” , said Monegro.

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