Sara James talked about the problems at school. “It's not just me that's affected. It is.” What is it about

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Sarah James had to change schools several times. For what reason?

Sara James talked about problems at school.

Sara James had to face racism

Sara James was born in Słubice. Her mother is Polish and her father is Nigerian. It was from her father that she inherited dark skin color and undeniable musical talent. Unfortunately, from an early age she had to face the unpleasant consequences of lack of tolerance among peasants.

She confessed that because of racism she was forced to change schools frequently. “It affects not only me. Yes, I hope it will change” – she said in an interview with “Super Express”. She admitted that now, when she travels and makes a career, she learns remotely, because it's just easier that way.

She also added that she is much stronger now than she was when she was a child. Her relatives and friends are a great support for her.

Big Opportunity

Sara James won the hearts of the Polish audience by appearing in the fourth edition of “The Voice Kids”. The Pole also has a performance in the 17th edition of the “America's Got Talent” program. During her performance, Simon Cowell pressed the gold button, which ensured her entry into the live episodes. And although she didn't win, she gained a lot of fans.

She also got a chance to participate in “America's Got Talent: All-Stars”. Although Sara James received a standing ovation from the jurors, the votes of the viewers decided that she did not make it to the finals of the program, but the acrobat Aidan Bryant.

Do you think Sara James will be able to fulfill her dream of an international career?

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