“Saved 100 million people”: the UN spoke about the importance of the grain deal for the world

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According to the UN, based on the World Bank model, lowering the prices of basic foodstuffs has indirectly lifted some 100 million people out of extreme poverty. This is stated on the website of the World Health Organization.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed his commitment and strong support for the resumption and full implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

“The initial term of the agreement to facilitate the export of grain and fertilizer from Ukraine is 120 days and can be extended automatically on November 19 if none of the parties objected,” the message said.

The UN noted that if food and fertilizer do not reach world markets now, farmers will not receive fertilizer at the right time and at an affordable price when sowing season. This will jeopardize the harvest in all regions of the world in 2023 and 2024, which will have a serious impact on food production and food prices around the world.

We also recall that the Kremlin has begun preparations for the 2024 presidential election of the year. According to journalists, the Kremlin aims to provide the Russian dictator with “total support” so that the numbers in the elections are no less than in the recent “referendums”.