Say “no” to muscle sagging

Say “no” to muscle sagging

Say “no” to muscle sagging

If muscle strength decreases, skin firmness decreases and sagging appears, it may be due to loss of muscle and bone density, associated with nutritional defects.

The muscle, more than a body tissue, is a really powerful organ. There are carried out several processes of crucial importance for the body. The circulation of the blood would be impossible, since it is propelled against gravity by the muscular press of the legs. The heart is also the most powerful muscle, which works tirelessly throughout our lives.

In addition, the muscles allow us to move and activate the intestines for digestion. They are full of mitochondria, where the formation of the ATP molecule that provides the energy we need takes place. They are a glycogen reservoir to provide fast glucose for situations such as exercise or a physical emergency, among other functions.

In what situations is muscle lost?

In processes in which we are bedridden for a long time, such as long hospital admissions or loss of mobility; with sedentary lifestyle or office work; people with overweight acquired by diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, lupus or osteoarthritis; in the course of neoplastic or neurological diseases; or before hormonal problems such as testosterone deficiency and hypothyroidism.

How to gain muscle mass?

Muscle is the most grateful of all tissue systems. We only need to correct five aspects, and immediately you will respond positively.

The first is exercise. We must abandon that lifestyle of doing nothing. You have to move and do strength exercises. There is no justification if you don’t like going to the gym. Buy some dumbbells or a row for the house, or just do push-ups and squats three times a week.

Second, nutrition. And here I am talking about quality raw material. Don’t expect to gain muscle by eating hamburgers and sugary drinks. You must have a balanced protein diet, mainly cod, hake, chicken, turkey, salmon or eggs. Everything grilled or cooked. No fried. And eat whole-grain carbohydrates, oatmeal, rice, and whole-grain pasta. Also lean on protein shakes during occasional hunger pangs. And follow the 11-2-9 diet.

Only optimal rest will generate the growth hormones or testosterone necessary to prevent muscle loss. Rest serves to repair fibers and create new cells. We only grow when we sleep. Deep sleep is the key.

The fourth is hydration. Muscle is made up of more than 60% water, but loaded with mineral salts. Therefore, water alone is not enough. We should drink isotonic water, green smoothie or mineral water in the morning. In total, 2-3 liters of water daily.

Supplementation helps you reach the sweet spot and fights the passage of time. Muscle needs: glutamine to repair itself, amino acids like leucine to grow, and substrate creatine to produce quick energy during exercise.

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