Scandal after the funeral of Jerzy Połomski. The family betrays that a sad scene has taken place

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Jerzy Połomski's family does not hide his bitterness. For what reason?

Scandal after Jerzy Połomski's funeral. The family betrays that there was a sad scene

As the “Jastrząb Post” portal reminds, Jerzy Połomski passed away on November 14th. The information about his death was a huge blow to his relatives and fans. His family, manager and crowds of fans appeared at the artist's funeral. During the funeral ceremony, an unpleasant situation was to take place. Połomski's niece did not hide her grief for Violetta Lewandowska. What was it all about?

The death of Jerzy Połomski

The last farewell to Jerzy Połomski took place on November 23. Crowds of mourners appeared in the church of St. Cross at Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw. Among them were the artist's relatives, his manager, friends and crowds of loyal fans who wanted to accompany Połomski on his last journey.

The mortal remains of Jerzy Połomski were buried in a grave purchased by him in Warsaw's Powązki Cemetery. This summer, the singer's older sister — Jadwiga Pająk.

Scandal after the funeral of Jerzy Połomski. The family says that a sad scene happened

The Połomski family

Jerzy Połomski was not very eager to talk about his immediate family. It is known that the artist had not only a sister, but also a brother who died three years ago. Połomski's brother left behind a daughter, Małgorzata. The journalists of “Super Express” managed to talk to the artist's niece and her daughter.

Mrs. Katarzyna (daughter of Połomski's niece) reported that the singer was very often at their home, on the occasion of visiting his parents' grave. “Sometimes we sang together or played the piano” – she revealed to the tabloid, adding that after Połomski stopped driving the car, they remained in contact by phone.

Unfortunately, over the last four years, contact has unexpectedly stopped. Jerzy Połomski was supposed to stop answering telephone calls, he refused the help offered. “We didn't know about the existence of your manager at all” – added Katarzyna.

Scandal after the funeral of Jerzy Połomski. The family says that there was a sad scene

A sad moment< /p>

The most unpleasant moment for both women was supposed to be the moment when Violetta Lwandowska received condolences and handed over “diplomas from the presidential delegation, the office of the council of ministers”.

< p>Połomski's relatives felt offended by the fact that all this had happened to a stranger and not to the artist's family.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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