Scholz says that the use of coal due to the gas crisis will be “limited”


Scholz says recourse to coal due to gas crisis will be "limited"

Support for the use of coal as a energy source to replace gas which stop arriving fromRussiamust have a “temporary and limited” character, he declared. this monday on German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who reiterated that his country remains committed to the decarbonization of its economy.

Scholz alluded to so He spoke to the extension of the use of energy from plants that generate electricity with coal and fossil sources at the opening of a forum on the climate that began in the German capital and referred to to this initiative in the context of the response to the war in Ukraine.

The German Chancellor added: In what is known as the “Petersberger Dialogue” that investments aimed at creating infrastructures that help increase the temporary use of fossil fuels, such as the construction of terminals of strong>Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)“They have to be compatible with the decarbonization objectives” of the economy.

Scholz's words are known after the German government approved the reactivation last week power plantsthat run on coal and oil, in order to save and store gas.

Back to the electricity market ;citric

A total of 27 centrals in the reserve will be able to do so. to return to the electricity market on a limited basis and if necessary, until April 30, 2023.

Germany is ready. Pending this week is whether to resume the Russian gas supply through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which is under construction. undergoing regular maintenance in principle until next Thursday. The German authorities do not hide that they fear that the cut will be definitive.

Since last day 23 is The alert level of the gas emergency plan came into force in Germany, the second of three levels, declared at the time due to the decrease in supply from Russia and high energy prices.

In the same forum, the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, For his part, the war in Ukraine “has also convinced the last skeptics in Germany that only with renewable energies and energy efficiency can we guarantee our energy security. In these times, renewables they are 'freedom energy.'” that with this objective the German Government has approved an “ambitious” renewable energy law that includes a “massive” boost to solar and wind power “with the aim that by 2030 At least 80% of our electricity comes from renewables.”


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