Science – Artemis I: Moon Lens


Half a century after the last Apollo mission, the Americans are preparing to set foot again on the Earth satellite, with Mars in their sights.

Science – Artemis I : Moon Lens

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It’s the kickoff of a lasting return of man’on the Moon! On the American side at least, the Chinese being determined to challenge the United States on this highly symbolic ground. NASA is preparing – between May 7 & 21 or between June 6 & 16 – to launch the first stage of its Artemis program conducted in collaboration with its European, Canadian and Japanese counterparts. A lunar program not only intended to replay Apollo 11, fifty-some years later, with a woman and a “people of color” this time, but which is also to serve as a balloon ;attempt to later send men to the planet Mars. 

A new chapter in the conquest of space.  Dubbed Artemis I, it’s a first uncrewed mission, however crucial. Its objective is to