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Science subject for the 2024 patent: the test and probable subjects

The science test to obtain the 2024 patent will be held this Tuesday, July 2 from 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. What awaits third-grade students on D-Day?

Candidates for the national patent diploma will take the science test this Tuesday, July 2 from 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. between the history test in the morning and the language test in the second part of the afternoon. The science test is a little special because it includes three courses: physics-chemistry, SVT and technology teaching, but the Students are only questioned on two of the three subjects. For this year 2024, the Ministry of National Education, which publishes the two selected subjects in advance of the tests, eacute;es for the general route and the professional route, ruled on physics-chemistry and technology for students in the general series and on SVT and technology for those in the s  professional series.  

Students in the general pathway must revise physics, chemistry and technology for the patent science test which will take place on July 2, 2024. Like every year, several themes are deemed "probable" to find yourself in the subjects on the day of the test. However, they do not exempt you from revising the other chapters in the program.

This year, the probable subjects for physics-chemistry are: "Organization and transformation of matter", "Movements and interaction& quot; and "Energy and its conversions". For technology education, 'probable' topics are included. are: "Write specifications", "Understand how computer networks operate", "Write and execute a program& ;quot;, "Analyze the functioning of an object" and "Follow the technical evolution of objects and understand their impacts".

The science subjects for the college certificate which took place last year are available in full. on this page thanks to à our partnership with Studyrama. Discover the test that the candidates worked on. as well as the correction of each topic written by a specialized teacher. 

Subject and correction of sciences for the general track:

Subject and correction of sciences for the professional track:

Everything you need to know about the science certificate


During the middle school patent science test, on Tuesday July 2, students from mainland France did not have only one hour to respond to your request. all the questions. The subject is constituted; of two parts, one per scientific teaching each worth 25 points. Convened from 1:30 p.m.   & 2:30 p.m., they will have to work on several exercises, to obtain the maximum points out of the 50 points that this test can earn. 

The patent science test is graded each year on 50 points (25 points per sub-grade). era), which is less than French and mathematics (100 points), but as much as history-geography. Until&#39 ;&agrav; 25 points are therefore available. earned by students by subject. As a reminder, the patent is in total notedé out of 800 points between continuous assessment, written and oral exams, the dates of which have been confirmed. Scaled according to establishments up to 100%. this Friday July 1st. You must obtain an average of 400 points to obtain the national patent diploma (DNB) at the end of this course.

The date of publication of the results depends on the academy of attachment but they should be available no later than Friday July 12. After the results, a Republican ceremony to award the Brevet diplomas is organized at the University of Paris. each academic year for the winners in their college. The academies, in conjunction with educational establishments and local elected officials – mayors, departmental councilors, etc. – organize, each year, & nbsp;an official presentation of diplomas obtained the previous year.

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