Scientists have discovered the source of the most famous “ghostly” particles in the universe


    Scientists have discovered the source of the most famous

    According to a new study, some of the brightest objects in space are the source of high-energy cosmic neutrinos.

    A group of German scientists with the help of the IceCube neutrino observatory, which is located in Antarctica, was able to confirm the recent guesses of scientists that objects called blazars are the source of cosmic neutrinos, ScienceAlert reports.

    Neutrinos are neutral fundamental subatomic particles, which are among the most common in the universe. The mass of neutrinos is almost zero, and they have a neutral electrical charge. In addition, neutrinos interact very little with any matter in the universe. Therefore, they are sometimes called ghost particles.

    Ordinary neutrinos are most often produced by radioactive decay, and most of the neutrinos that can be found on Earth are by-products of nuclear reactions in the Sun. But neutrinos can also create supernova explosions, and they can be created as a result of artificial nuclear reactions.

    Scientists have discovered the source of the most famous

    Although neutrinos interact little with matter, they do sometimes. Thanks to this, scientists 10 years ago, using the IceCube neutrino observatory, managed to detect high-energy neutrinos that no one had seen before. And this energy was 100 million times greater than the energy of neutrinos created by supernovae. And these neutrinos came to Earth from somewhere in intergalactic space.

    A few years ago, scientists suggested that a class of extragalactic very bright objects called blazars could be the source of these unusual neutrinos.

    Blazars are active galactic nuclei that have a very high luminosity. These objects are associated with an active supermassive black hole and a jet of ionized matter emerges from them. The speed of this jet reaches almost the speed of light.

    Scientists have discovered the source of the most known

    In order to confirm the theory that blazars are sources of high-energy cosmic neutrinos, a group of German scientists collected data on neutrinos obtained by the IceCube observatory over the past 7 years .

    Scientists have tested more than 3,500 objects that are confirmed blazars or candidates for these objects. As a result, they found that the direction of the blazar beams coincides with the position of the Earth at the time of detection of unusually high-energy cosmic neutrinos. Further analysis only confirmed that blazars are indeed the source of these ghostly particles.

    “For the first time, we have received irrefutable evidence that such neutrinos from space fall to Earth from extragalactic objects – blazars,” says Sara Buson from the University of Würzburg, Germany.

    As Focus already wrote, one of their studies showed that an antineutrino particle crashed into the Earth and it arrived from another galaxy.


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