Scientists have found out how frequent daytime sleep is dangerous for health


July 28, 2022, 12:35 | Medicine

Specialists conducted an 11-year study.

Scientists found out how frequent daytime sleep is dangerous for health

According to a new study by scientists from Central South University in China, frequent daytime sleep is associated with increased blood pressure and the risk of stroke. For the study, experts used data from 500,000 participants aged 40 to 69, Ukr.Media informs.

Participants regularly provided blood, urine, and saliva samples, and also spoke in detail about their lifestyle. The frequency and quality of the volunteers' sleep was assessed four times. The researchers excluded from the analysis the records of people who had already suffered a stroke or had hypertension even before the start of the trials. In the end, 360,000 people remained in the experiment, who were followed for 11 years.

The results of the study showed that people who like to take a nap in broad daylight, unlike those who sleep only at night, are more likely to develop hypertension and stroke was higher by 12% and 24%, respectively. Among the participants younger than 60 years old, those who liked to take a nap during the day had 20% more chances to become “happy”; owners of hypertension.

"This may be because many people who sleep during the day often do so because of a poor night's rest. A poor night's sleep is associated with poorer health, and daytime naps may not sufficiently compensate for this, said Michael A. Grandner, a sleep expert.


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