Scientists have named the date when a new mass extinction will occur


    Scientists have named the term when a new mass extinction occurs

    People still continue to pollute the environment, naively believing that there is nothing to worry about. But as experts say, the consequences of such an attitude would be much more tragic.

    Researchers have long warned that due to anthropogenic climate change, the Earth is on the verge of a sixth mass extinction, writes Express.

    However, in the course of their new research, they were able to get a more accurate timing of this event and find out that it will occur within a much shorter period of time than the previous extinction.

    Kunio Kaiho, a Japanese climatologist at Tohoku University, has found a strong relationship between the average temperature of the Earth's surface and terrestrial biodiversity. As the average surface temperature either rises or falls below normal, more and more creatures die.

    Despite the fact that the famous asteroid was an external threat to life on Earth, most extinctions are still caused by abrupt climate change.

    Professor Kaiho found that in previous such horrifying events, when temperatures dropped by 7°C, a global cooling in surface temperatures led to the most mass extinctions. There was also a case of about 9°C of warming, which had no less devastating consequences.

    This is much higher than previous calculations by scientists, which showed that a 5.2°C rise in temperature could lead to a mass extinction. Right now, world leaders, scientists, climate scientists and activists are fighting to keep the Earth's temperature below 1.5°C below pre-industrial levels. If humans continue to pollute the planet at the same rate, experts expect an increase to 4.4°C by the end of this century.

    A recent IPCC report estimates that, given the current situation, humanity is on track to become global warming could lead to the extinction of millions of species. However, according to Kaiho, a warming of 9°C should occur no earlier than 2500.

    Despite the fact that the world is constantly changing, the people who live here can do their part to ensure that their children and grandchildren had a “healthy” planet. However, this should be done as soon as possible.


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