Scientists have told how to escape from the heat at night


    Scientists told how to escape from the heat at night

    High temperatures continue to break records in many countries of the world, so it is very important to know tips on how to deal with heat not only during the day, but also at night.

    Given the growing number of record high temperatures around the world, scientists have decided to recommend some tips to stay cool and try to sleep in the extreme heat, writes IFLS.

    As it becomes more and more obvious that the world needs serious solutions With the ongoing climate crisis, sleep is more important than ever for maintaining mental clarity, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to sleep properly.

    So, here are some tips on how to deal with the heat at night:

    Passive Cooling

    Scientists told how to escape the heat at night

    Areas where hot days give way to relatively cool nights are well suited for the practice of passive cooling. The approach involves essentially keeping the heat in by leaving the curtains drawn and the blinds closed during the sunniest hours of the day, preventing sunlight from warming up your home's internal temperature.

    This can also be facilitated by opening doors and windows early in the morning and late in the evening so that cool air can ventilate the room. However, you shouldn't leave them open during the day to keep hot air out.

    Refrigerate bedding and pajamas

    Scientists told how to escape the heat at night

    Another method of dealing with heat is to cool the sheets. Put the duvet cover, sheet, and pillowcase wrapped in a plastic bag in the freezer for a little while and you'll find they're incredibly refreshing while you're trying to doze off. However, do not overdo it with the cooling time.

    The same can be done with pajamas, and it is best to choose breathable clothing. Think soft cotton t-shirts and shorts. A wet cloth on the forehead also never hurts.

    Use water

    Scientists told how to escape the heat at night

    If you have access to drinking water and a refrigerator, then you have everything you need to escape the heat of the night. Pour water into bottles before going to bed and place them in the refrigerator for some time. Then place the bottles on or near the cool points: head/neck, elbows, knees and feet.

    An aerosol can is also great, as spraying on the wrists, elbows, neck and face can provide relief, if you wake up in the middle of the night.

    Showering can also provide some coolness before bed, as taking a cool or warm shower can help lower your body temperature.


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