Scientists reconstructed the appearance of Mary. What Jesus' mother might have looked like as a child


What could Mary have looked like as a child?

Scientists have reconstructed the appearance of Mary. What the mother of Jesus could have looked like as a child

According to the portal “Interia”, & Aacute; tila Soares da Costa Filho is the author of the reconstruction of the appearance of Mary when she might have been 20 -25 years. Now he has decided to take up the image of Mary in her childhood, when she was between the ages of 5 and 10. How does a Brazilian imagine the Mother of God?

What could Mary look like as a child?

The Brazilian researcher & Aacute; tila Soares da Costa Filho decided to prepare the image of the Mother Divine when she was a child. This is not the first task the scientist has undertaken. Earlier, he had reconstructed Mary's appearance when she was about 20-25 years old. It took him 3 months to work, but the effect is amazing.

& Aacute; tila Soares da Costa Filho was based on research on the image of a man from the Shroud of Turin and research by Ray Downing. He also used the reconstructed image of the Virgin Mary, performing a series of experiments during which he used artificial intelligence and neural networks.

When creating the child's image of Maria, he used special graphic and face modeling programs. At the final stage of the work, he already took care of the manual refinement of the details.

“Because I wanted to reproduce as accurately as possible the physiognomic features typical of a Palestinian five- and ten-year-old child from two thousand years ago” – added & Aacute; tila Soares da Costa Filho, stressing that he tried to make Mary's face special, unlike anyone else.

Under reconstruction The researcher's attention was drawn to the fact that Mary's gaze was full of gentleness, but the expression on her face showed a “certain contradiction”. The scientist emphasized that if we assume that the image on the Shroud of Turin is a reflection of the face of Jesus Christ, then we can very likely assume that Mary looked as he portrayed it.

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