Scientists reveal how green bananas prevent cancer


    Scientists told how green bananas prevent cancer

    In particular, we are talking about cancer of the esophagus, stomach, biliary tract, pancreas and duodenum.

    During their recent study, scientists found that resistant starch may play an important role in curbing certain types of cancer, writes IFLS.

    The fermentable fiber found in oats, cereals, green bananas, and pasta and rice, also known as resistant starch (or resistant starch/indigestible starch) reduces the risk of some cancers by more than half.

    The study included nearly 1,000 patients with Lynch syndrome, an inherited disorder that puts people at higher risk of developing certain types of cancer before the age of 50.

    Scientists reveal how green bananas prevent cancer

    The study was carried out over 20 years. During the experiment, the participants were divided into 3 groups. The first took resistant starch, the second aspirin, and the third a placebo. At the end of the treatment phase, there was no overall difference between those who took resistant starch or aspirin and those who did not. However, the team of scientists expected a longer-term effect and developed a study for further observation.

    “In the end, we found that indigestible starch reduced the risk of cancer by more than 60%. The effect was most noticeable in the upper intestine. This is important because upper gastrointestinal cancers are difficult to diagnose and are often not detected at an early stage. “, – explained Professor John Mathers of Newcastle University.

    As for how resistant starch reduces the risk of cancer, researchers suggest that it changes the bacterial metabolism of bile acids, and reduces the types of bile acids that can damage our DNA, and eventually cause cancer. However, more research is needed to confirm this.

    Scientists reveal how green bananas prevent cancer

    The benefits of resistant starch in reducing cancer risk were not the same for all types of cancer, but for some types the risk was more than halved. The effect was seen in people who took a resistant starch powder supplement every day for 2 years and persisted even 10 years after stopping the supplement.

    Upper gastrointestinal cancers including cancer of the esophagus, stomach, and bile ducts pathways, pancreas, and duodenum were particularly associated with improvement when starch powder was taken.

    “The dose we used in the experiment is equal to eating a green banana on a daily basis. Before the fruit becomes too ripe and soft, the starch in bananas can resist breakdown and reach the intestines, where it changes the type of bacteria that live there,” the experts concluded.


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