Scientists: Sweetness increases creativity, even if you only imagined sweetness


    August 4, 2022, 10:02 | Science and technology

    Sweet taste stimulates creativity.

    Scientists: sweets increase creativity, even if you only imagined the sweetness

    Researchers from the University of North Texas discovered that the taste of sweets can increase creativity, informs Ukr.Media.

    But it's not that the brain receives a "sweet hit", experts claim. The sweet taste effect was specific to creative tasks and did not improve performance on analytical tasks requiring attention to detail. It is believed that the connection with creativity correlates with how people relate sweet taste to positive experiences and pleasant situations.

    According to lead author Dr. Lidan Xu, because positive situations are not threatening, they allow our thinking to become more open and flexible.

    "Sweet taste can independently influence creativity through associations that humans developed a sense of sweetness as a result, plus this taste affects our mood. Sweet foods are often consumed in positive settings, such as when you are seeking comfort, during holidays (eg birthdays) or family/friend gatherings."

    Evolutionarily, sweetness is also considered the most pleasant taste in nature: sweet food signals safety, energy and non-toxicity. Because of these positive associations that people have developed over a long period of time, sweetness has become a positive mood-enhancing signal.

    What's even more interesting, one of the experiments in this work showed that you can't even eat sweets! Simply focusing attention on the idea of ​​a sweet taste compared to the presentation of salty, bitter and neutral tastes also leads to higher creative activity of the brain.


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