Scientists warn of the end of humanity. Ignoring this scenario can be “dangerous” for us


Scientists warn against the extinction of mankind.

 Scientists warn of the end of mankind. Ignoring this scenario could be

As the O2 portal points out, in recent years more and more space in the public debate has been devoted to the issue of climate change. According to researchers from the University of Cambridge, however, still too little is said about the catastrophic consequences of these changes. The worst possible scenario is that humanity will perish.

Black climate change scenarios

For years, researchers have warned mankind against the darkest scenarios of advancing climate change. Today we have a foretaste of what the future may bring us. Drought contributes to the reduction of crops and the problem of hunger. Killer heat waves contribute to premature deaths.

We experience extreme weather events more and more often, such as violent heavy rainfall, storms, tornadoes, and violent and destructive storms. The possible climate change scenarios indicated what awaited us if the average temperature rises by 1.5 or 2 degrees.

 Scientists warn of the end of mankind. Ignoring this scenario could be

The Cambridge researchers went a step further and set out to analyze what would happen if the average temperature on our planet rises by 3 degrees Celsius by 2070. Scientists' simulations show that the average annual temperature would be 29 degrees.

The knock-on effect

In the darkest scenarios, mankind tends to self-destruct. All because of the domino effect. Climate change in this blackest of the darkest scenarios entails a series of catastrophic phenomena, such as nuclear conflicts, pandemics, and a famine of a scale we have never experienced before.

Scientists emphasize that humanity should not exclude worst-case scenarios. They see such a move as “dangerous”. Taking them into account can prevent them from filling up.

 Scientists warn of the end of mankind. Ignoring this scenario can be

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