Scientists were able to make to beat a dead heart: amazing video

Ученым удалось заставить биться мертвое сердце: удивительное видео

Scientists from Duke University in Durham (us North Carolina), the first in the United States was able to make a dead heart beat. The body was taken from a dead donor, the blood circulation in the body which had stopped. Heart managed to “run in” using a revolutionary technology that fills it with blood, electrolytes and oxygen.

Amazing video in which doctors busy beating heart of the corpse, tweeted surgeon Jacob Niall Schroder.

Later this heart was successfully transplanted to the needy in it to the recipient. New technique gives hope to a lot of people waiting for a heart transplant. Although transplantation of this organ is a relatively common procedure, typically the crucial plays of the time between death of the donor and the operation that needs to be done in the shortest possible time. With a new technique this time frame can be significantly extended.

According to the New York Post, like transplanting a “dead heart” was first held in the UK in 2015. In the US it was able to master only now.

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