Seafood recalled in the US: they found a substance that provokes cancer


Bumble Bee Foods is recalling smoked clams as they can cause cancer and many other diseases due to hazardous chemicals in the product, according to BGR.

Seafood is recalled in the US: a substance that provokes cancer was found in them

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that may be risk factors for various conditions, including certain types of cancer. As a result, whenever tests show PFAS chemicals in food or beverages, feedback should be expected.

Bumble Bee Foods issued one such recall for a specific Smoked Clams SKU. This action follows US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing that found unacceptable levels of PFAS in food samples.

Bumble Bee smoked clams recall

Bumble Bee recently announced a recall of smoked clams, and the FDA posted an announcement on their recall website at this link.

The promotion is only for 3.75 cans of smoked clams labeled UPC 8660075234. The company distributed these cans nationwide. This means that anyone across the country who has recently bought canned clams should take note.

You'll find the barcode on the back of the package.

The company says the recall does not apply to any other Bumble Bee products. In addition, Bumble Bee is working with a third party manufacturer in China to investigate and resolve this issue.

PFAS and health risks

PFAS are chemicals found in consumer and industrial products. Bumble Bee explains in the recall announcement that some of these chemicals can accumulate in the environment and in our bodies.

Moreover, studies have shown a link between exposure to PFAS and certain health problems. The shellfish recall announcement mentions the following conditions: elevated cholesterol levels, increased high blood pressure and preeclampsia in pregnant women, reduced immune response, altered liver function, and provoked certain types of cancer.

People who consume foods contaminated with PFAS may be at risk for other diseases that are not listed.

The good news is that we haven't seen many PFAS-related reviews lately.

What you should do

There have been no reports of sickness due to the recall of smoked clams. However, some of the medical conditions on the list above do not necessarily cause immediate adverse effects. It may take time for symptoms to appear.

This is why customers who have jars of smoked clams after the recall should stop using them immediately. The company asks consumers to stop using the products immediately.

In addition, people who have already eaten smoked shellfish and are worried about possible side effects should seek medical attention.

The company says that in order to For refunds, buyers must contact Bumblee Bee Consumer Services. You will find contact information in the press release, which is available in its entirety on the FDA website.


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