Second case of inappropriate resident photo taken at NL nursing home

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Second case of inappropriate photo of resident taken at NL nursing home.

Reginald Regular, 66, was a resident of Baie Verte Peninsula Health Center and died last December.

A second family says a staff member at a home long-term care facility in Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador, took an inappropriate photo of a resident.

Sheila Reid was the next of kin to her cousin, Reginald Regular, 66, who resided at the Baie Verte Peninsula Health Center and who died last December.

Sheila maintains that the Center's health network informed her in September that it had in its possession an inappropriate photo of Mr. Regular, taken by a staff member, and that the health authority wanted permission from Ms. Reid to turn it over to the RCMP, permission they have given.

It's horrible. I put [Reginald Regular] there to be taken care of. To think of people taking care of him in this way is utterly demeaning and ridiculous, Sheila Reid has denounced.

Ms Reid is the second person to speak out about allegations of inappropriate photos taken at the Baie Verte long-term care facility.

Bernice Barker said her family also received a call from the Centre's health network, informing them of the #x27;existence of an inappropriate photo of her husband, Rick Barker, 64, who has dementia.

Rick Barker has dementia and resides in a nursing home in the Baie Verte area of ​​Terre- Newfoundland and Labrador.

The RCMP confirmed they were investigating the allegations and, in an email, Gayle St. Croix, spokesperson for the health network, said the provincial Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner had also been notified.

Centre Health Network declined to answer questions about the number of residents or patients who were affected by what Ms. St. Cross calls it an invasion of privacy.

She did not respond to questions from CBC about the content of the photos, writing only that the network is not aware of the existence of a photo showing the private parts of the residents.


Gayle St. Croix also did not respond to questions regarding the number of employees involved in the incidents under investigation and the actions that were taken against them, and didn't say if they still work for the network.

Relevant staff will not be providing care to our residents to ensure the risks are mitigated. We would like to assure you that the families of all residents affected by this situation have been contacted by the network, Ms. St. Croix said in an email.

The health network of Center says he won't provide further details for privacy reasons.

Sheila Reid seeks answers and accountability on behalf of her late cousin.

I seek to be his voice. I'm looking for people who were in the health care center who need to be fired, who need to be charged to the fullest extent of the law. We all have loved ones in there and I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else, she said.

Ms Reid is currently at the out of province, but she said she plans to visit the RCMP when she gets back to ask to see the photo.

I need to find out what's going on. has passed. I have to know. I have to do it right, she decided.

Based on a CBC report

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