Secrets of career growth


May 30, 2022, 12:02 | Business

They will help you move up the career ladder.

Secrets of career growth

One of the advantages of working in large campaigns — the possibility of career growth. However, success can be achieved even in small firms. It is important to know several secrets that will help you move up the career ladder, Ukr.Media informs.

Behave like a boss

< p>Confidence is half the success. Make it clear to colleagues and your boss that you can make decisions and be accountable for your words, that you don't need to be pushed all the time to achieve results, and that you can control the work process yourself. If you act like a boss, you will soon become one, this is the law of the universe. The main thing is not to confuse confidence with arrogance, and don't forget to work hard.

Find a mentor

Let there be a person among the management who will be interested in you as an employee and will want, if not to promote you, then to support your career growth in every possible way. Of course, for this you need not just to make friends with an influential colleague, but also to prove yourself as a professional who is not just worthy of a promotion, but can also bring tangible benefits to the company itself.

Stop apologizing all the time

Bosses don't apologize. This is an axiom. They don't apologize, by the way, because they always do everything perfectly (or at least pretend to).

Don't waste time on envy and hatred

There will always be those who are more successful and younger than you. You should not waste your time on negative emotions or actions related to them. It poisons only you: "enemies" will go forward, and you will only get angry and sit still.

There is no such word as “I can't''

You either want to do it or you don't. There are no other options. If you say you can't do a task, just know you're lazy.

Evaluate your victories

You did it exceed the work schedule? Did you do something that no one expected of you? Praise yourself, you deserve it. If, of course, they deserve it. Do not attribute to yourself the merits of others and those in which you took a minimal part. This will protect you from delusions of grandeur, which means productivity will not be affected.

Choose a growing field

Go to the industry where there will be an opportunity to prove yourself and move forward, and not in a field without clear prospects and a future for you. You must clearly imagine what and how you can achieve.


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