Secrets of crispy and full of pickled cucumbers. What mistakes will spoil any marinade


When your pickled cucumbers don't taste good or are soft and empty inside something along the way, the preparation went wrong …

 Secrets of crunchy and full gourds. What mistakes will spoil every marinade

Nobody likes mushy marinade & hellip; This is a problem that has been plaguing the manufacturer for ages: how to find a recipe for a perfectly crunchy hand with the much-desired & ldquo; crunch & rdquo; when you take a bite?

These a few tricks will bring you closer to delicious silage that always works

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Use small, hard eyes. This is undoubtedly the most important thing! If you start with a big old soft silage you will end up with big old soft silages. Always choose the smallest, firmest sticks, and take the big soft ones out of the pickle jar.

It's kind of a natural law & ndash; if you use large, overgrown silages for your hands, nothing will make them crunchy & hellip; No matter how creative you are or how many prayers you say while they are in the water bath. Also, make sure you use the best grape varieties that are perfect for pickling.

Going straight from the bush to the jar is the right thing to do, and I always try to plan a place on my schedule. so that the batch is prepared immediately on the day of collection. However, I still get good results with those from the agricultural market & ndash; as long as they are firm when I buy them and I don't leave them on the counter for days.

Add the tannins to the jar. This could be for oak leaves, grape leaves, or black tea. Honestly speaking? This trick is always recommended, but I had hits with it & hellip; If you have oak leaves or grape leaves on hand, it definitely doesn't hurt to put one in each jar. Or, add 1/2 teaspoon of loose black tea to each jar.


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