See how a drunk Belarusian in a truck ran from the police in Lithuania and how it ended


July 25, 2022, 20:08 | Car

The drunk driver was running away from the police.

See how a drunken Belarusian in a truck ran away from the police in Lithuania and how it ended

It all started with a call to the Lithuanian police by an eyewitness driver. On July 20, he reported that the Mercedes-Benz truck was driving dangerously on the Šiauliai-Palanga road, Ukr.Media informs.

The officers of the response department rushed in the indicated direction. Soon they noticed a similar car. The police turned around and, turning on the light and sound signals, tried to stop the driver. But he ignored the demands and continued driving, repeatedly driving dangerously into the oncoming lane. When the truck approached the roundabout, the driver was unable to go around it, drove onto an embankment and, damaging several road signs, turned off the road into a ditch.

About this the Lithuanian police reports and publishes a video of a short chase:

"The truck driver was not oriented in space, spoke incoherently, he smelled strongly of alcohol. The police established that the 44-year-old citizen of Belarus was transporting a batch of alcoholic products. And he himself turned out to be drunk – 2.54 ppm. He was pulled out of the cabin by rescue service workers, the police reported.

Look how a drunken Belarusian fled on a furi from the police in Lithuania and how it ended

Medics arrived, provided the driver with first aid and established that there were no serious injuries. The driver was arrested and taken into custody. In relation to him, a pre-trial investigation was initiated on the fact of driving under the influence of alcohol.


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