Selected seniors may receive an additional allowance. It is several hundred zlotys more a month

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Pensioners have the option of applying for a special allowance.

Selected seniors may receive an additional benefit. It's several hundred zlotys more per month

Portal & ldquo; News Dziennik Toruński & rdquo; reminds about the additional allowance for seniors. The chosen ones can get up to two hundred zlotys more a month.

Who is this benefit for?

The allowance is granted only to those who have contributed in some particular way to the life and functioning of the community.

Lifetime benefit is actually intended for three special senior groups: Firefighter from Volunteers Fire Brigades, serving in the G & oacute; Volunteer Rescue Service or the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service.

For the application to be considered positively, it is necessary to be at the retirement age and for at least 25 years in men or 20 years in the case of women, participate in rescue activities at least once a year.

The allowance is also special because it is not it is examined by the Social Insurance Institution. The application must be submitted to the commander of the fire brigade in a given region. It still has to be certified by three witnesses who are credible in the eyes of the Commune Office.

However, it is worth trying to get additional funds. The benefit is lifetime, and people who have time to submit their application by the end of this month can count on compensation from the beginning of the year.

 Selected seniors may receive an additional benefit. It is several hundred zlotys more a month

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