Seniors can take advantage of these discounts and reductions. What they can save on

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Discounts and discounts for seniors.

These discounts and reductions can be used by seniors. What they can save on

As the “Super Express” portal reminds us, the financial situation of seniors is not the easiest in our country. Their pensions are low, and in the era of galloping inflation and raging high prices, they are enough for less and less. In difficult times, it is worth remembering about the allowances and discounts that seniors are entitled to. Here is a list of them.

Discounts and allowances for seniors

Seniors can count on a lot of discounts and rebates, which in difficult economic times may turn out to be particularly useful. People over 75 years of age can count on free drugs. Unfortunately, many specifics are missing from this list, but the ones that are there can save you a bit.

Of these Discounts and discounts can be used by seniors. What they can save on

Seniors can also benefit from discounts on public transport and on rail journeys. Seniors can also count on a relief when obtaining a passport. For them, producing a document costs half as much as for other citizens. If an applicant is over 70, he or she does not have to pay the fee at all.

A solution that allows seniors to save a bit is the Polish Seniors Card. To use it, you only need to be 60 years of age. Thanks to the card, you can take advantage of discounts in 2.5 thousand. places all over the country. This applies to both sanatoriums and spas, hotels, restaurants, and cultural institutions. Document production is free.

 These discounts and reductions can be used by seniors. What can seniors save on

Seniors over 60 and are entitled to a pension, the amount of which is less than half of the average remuneration, calculated over the previous year, may be exempt from paying the radio and television fee. Persons over 75 years of age are exempt from this fee, regardless of their income.

Do you take advantage of these reliefs?

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