Sensational news from Great Britain. Will Prince Harry do a DNA test

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Meghan Markle wants to prove that Harry is not the son of King Charles III?

Sensational news from Great Britain. Will Prince Harry do a DNA test

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds us, discussions about whether or not Prince Harry is the king's son Charles III have been going on for years. This issue has been more emphasized for some time and has aroused curiosity among royal fans around the world. Ultimately, these issues could be clarified by DNA tests, on which Meghan Markle is to persuade her husband.

Rumors about Prince Harry's father

The fact that Prince Harry is not the biological son of King Charles III has been talked about for years. Many people, as the crowning evidence of the king's lack of kinship with his younger son, state that the prince's appearance differs quite strongly from the rest of the family. I am talking about Harry's ginger hair.

Rumors of an affair between Princess Diana and one of the British cavalry officers are added to the gossip fire. Many people see a similarity between James Hewitt and Prince Harry.

However, it is worth paying attention to the numerous inaccuracies that appear in this theory. First of all, the dates do not match. Princess Diana and James Hewitt met in 1986, two years after Prince Harry entered the world.

 Sensational news from Great Britain. Will Prince Harry do DNA test

DNA tests

Clearly, the question of the paternity of King Charles III in relation to Harry could be dispelled by DNA testing. Some time ago, unofficially, it was said that Meghan Markle was pressing her husband to carry out such research.

She herself underwent DNA tests, which showed that she is 42 percent. Nigerian, which she revealed in her podcast, she intends to investigate in more depth. It is unknown how Prince Harry reacted to this idea. Perhaps we will learn more about this in the diary of Prince Harry, which will be available for sale soon.

Do you think Prince Harry decided to bring up the rumors that King Charles III was not his biological father?

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