Seoul and Washington respond with four missiles to the North Korean projectile that flew over Japan

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  • The US and South Korea launch four surface-to-surface missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan, one of which accidentally landed on its own soil and caused a fire

Seoul and Washington respond with four missiles to the North Korean projectile that flew over Japan

The Korean peninsula has returned to a dangerous spiral with no end in sight due to the stubborn recklessness of all its actors. The military maneuvers in Washington and Seoul last week were answered yesterday by a North Korean missile that has been answered today with more maneuvers and that will be answered predictably by Pyongyang. On the horizon is the nuclear test that the United States has announced as imminent in recent months.  

From Gangneung, a city on the South Korean coast, the armies of Seoul and Washington have launched four surface-to-surface missiles in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan. South Korea has apologized for the failure of a Hyunmoo-2C projectile, which fell on own soilafter a short flight and caused a fire. The dense smoke shown in the viralized images on social networks, Seúl has clarified, was caused by the fuel that propelled the rocket and not by the explosion of the cargo. The bungling comes when Yoon Suk-yeol's new executive insists that he has finished the long sleeve of his predecessors with Pyongyang and that he has enough capacity to punish his outrages. as.

US maneuvers

The US military forces are piling up the work in the area. They have also held today maneuversTogether with its Japanese allies to discourage future North Korean challenges, the command in the Pacific has announced the return of its aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to the waters that separate the Japanese archipelago of the Korean peninsula. His stopover last month at a South Korean port, the first in several years, had clouded the mood.

Fly over Japan

North Korea launched this Tuesday a missile that flew over Japan for the first time since 2017. The projectile, likely a medium-range Hwasong-12, sank. in the waters after covering 4,500 kilometers. Before, it had scared the residents of the northern provinces of Aomori and Hokkaido, who received on their mobile phones the recommendation to protect themselves in their homes and underground shelters. The Government stopped several train lines and sent alerts aircraft and ships in the area.  The fifth North Korean missile of the week and thirty-seventh of the year the predictable reactions. Joe Biden, the American president, condemned him. “strongly” and underlined its Defense commitment to Tokyo. He was “barbaric” and “unacceptable,” according to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. And António Guterres,Secretary General of the UN, recalled that violated Security Council resolutions. The American attempt to take the matter to an emergency meeting of the Council was watered down by Moscow. and Beijing, the bridges already burned by the war in Ukraine.

In just a few days, everything that decomposes Pyongyang had gathered in the area. The United States, South Korea and Japan carried out the first anti-submarine maneuvers in five years last week when North Korean patience was already running out. Seoul and Washington had executed days before maritime exercises, which he judges as invasion trials, and the visit of the US Vice President, Kamala Harris, to the Demilitarized Zone was still to come.

Strong response

Casuistry anticipates another forceful North Korean response and experts fear a nuclear test. It would be the seventh for Pyongyang and the first since 2017. A unilateral moratorium on nuclear tests and long-distance missiles as an act of good faith on the eve of negotiations with Donald Trump. After the failure of the process, which barely left photographs for the newspaper library, Kim clarified that retired the moratorium. The satellites have revealed the bustle at the Punggye-ri base, the usual testing ground, and the dynamics of all those involved in the region, without Moon Jae-in's good sense in Seoul. ;l suggests that all that remains is to put a  date on it.