“Seppuku” in the aquarium: in Japan, tuna “committed suicide”, tired of camera flashes (photo, video)

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Reflections created by camera flashes can be annoying and scare sea animals. Many users are in favor of a complete ban on flash photography in aquariums.

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Internet users are sounding the alarm and demanding that aquarium managers introduce a ban on phone camera flashes that scare marine life. Such cases often lead to the death of animals. This is reported by The Sun.

One of these incidents a few years ago occurred in an aquarium on the Japanese island of Okinawa. From the outside, it looked like the tuna had “committed suicide.” The published footage shows that bright flashes, apparently, frightened the fish, which abruptly changed course and hit the glass.

The injured tuna sank to the bottom, leaving a bloody trail behind it.

Although it is not known for certain what caused this behavior, it is believed that the reflections created by camera flashes can annoy and frighten marine animals. Experts say it's hard to argue that the behavior of mammals that harm themselves is actually suicidal.

This case has been the subject of discussion on Reddit.

The published footage outraged users, many spoke out in favor of a ban on the use of flashlights in aquariums, as it distracts and confuses marine animals.

«Seppuku» in the aquarium: in Japan, tuna « committed suicide», tired of camera flashes (photo, video)

“The fish does not see the glass and thinks that the water is moving in the same direction because the flashes seem to reflect light off the water,” one user explained.

Some have suggested that the fish is mistaking camera flashes for other fish that it considers its prey.

“This is why camera flashes are banned in my local aquarium,” another user said.

“It's all about flashes. Aquarium managers should step in and ban them,” wrote another.


“It's all because of the idiots who turn on flashes,” commented another.

A similar incident was reported to have taken place in 2007. A bluefin tuna weighing about 100 kg died after it was scared by other fish and hit the side of the aquarium.