September 27 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

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September 27, 2022, 06:10 | Culture

You can't quarrel and get angry today.

September 27 — Exaltation of the Lord's Cross: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

On September 27, an Orthodox holiday is celebrated in the national calendar, the date was named Stavry Day, informs Ukr.Media.

September 27 according to the folk calendar — Exaltation

A celebration was established in memory of two events. In 326, a cross was found near Mount Calvary, where Jesus was crucified. The second event is his return from Persian captivity.

Byzantine Emperor Heraklius returned the shrine to Jerusalem in 629. The cross was raised (that is, erected) in front of the people, turning to the four corners of the world in turn, so that everyone could worship it and rejoice at the acquisition of the shrine.

Customs and traditions


As in any other Orthodox holiday, the main tradition on the Ascension is to visit the church and listen to the Divine Liturgy.

Believers pray for healing from ailments, forgiveness of sins and for a rich harvest in the coming year. In front of the icon "Exaltation" they ask for relief from toothache, infertility, chronic migraines, joint and bone pain.

The Lord's Cross is a special Orthodox relic that symbolizes the suffering of Jesus, so on September 27, the church established a fast. The people believed: whoever eats fast food on this day, the Lord will punish him with seven sins, and whoever endures the fast, seven sins will be removed.

The name Stavry Day comes from the ancient tradition of carrying out christenings around the villages on September 27 processions for protection from troubles (the word “stavr” is translated from the Greek language as a cross). At the chapels and churches under construction, the raising of crosses on the domes is timed to this day.

In order to protect their homes and utility rooms (storerooms, cellars, sheds) from disasters, our ancestors placed carved wooden crosses or at least crossed mountain ash twigs everywhere on September 27. You can simply draw crosses with charcoal (chalk) on the eaves and doors.

No new business is started on the Ascension, because they will be unsuccessful. Also, do not give away anything from home today, do not borrow in cash, this will negatively affect your material well-being.

Today, all evil power is hiding from the Life-Giving Cross.

September 27 is the most terrible day for the evil power, it is most afraid of the Life-Giving Cross. An evil spirit is hiding today, but in a rage it tries to harm a person even more.

For this reason, it is strictly forbidden to go to the forest on the day of Ascension. According to folk beliefs, before hiding, the Forester walks around his possessions there, and if he meets a person, he will knock him off the path, lure him into the wilderness, and frighten him so much that he can lose his mind.

On this day, snakes crawl from all sides to go to their burrows until spring. On September 27, our ancestors strictly kept the door to the house closed so that no creeping reptile would sneak into the house in search of a place for winter hibernation.

Rites on the day of the Exaltation

In order to protect oneself from evil forces, a person should wear a body cross and read prayers (“Our Father”, “Symbol of Faith”). On the day of the Ascension, it is necessary to start a general cleaning, along with the garbage from the house today, all the evil is swept away.

And what else can you do to protect yourself from the antics of dark forces and demons:

  1. Frankincense. Just like the Cross, evil spirits are afraid of this woody aromatic resin. Frankincense can be purchased in the church pew and spread pieces throughout the house. Periodically fumigate your home with it.
  2. Rowberry. Our ancestors definitely tried to plant this tree near the windows of their house. His powerful energy does not give in to evil forces. Even rowan twigs spread out in rooms will serve as a powerful amulet.
  3. Plant. Evil spirits are terribly afraid of the smell of garlic, nettles, bay leaves, thistles and lavender. The plants should be dried, and then they should be made into bouquets (or pillows) and hung (spread out) throughout the house.
  4. Horseshoe. This ancient Slavic amulet will protect your home, hang a horseshoe over the front door.

Folk omens

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  • If there is frost from the morning of September 27, it means that winter will soon come.
  • If a cold (northern) wind blows on Ascension, it means that the coming summer is expected to be warm.