September 28 — Nikita Husyatnik, Riporiz: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

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September 28, 2022, 06:05 | Culture

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September 28 — Nikita Husyatnik, Riporiz: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

On September 28 (September 15 according to the old style), the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the holy great martyr Nikita Gotsky (Goth by origin), informs Ukr. Media.

History of the holiday

He was born and lived on the banks of the Danube, was baptized by Bishop Feofilo. Together with the Gothic bishop Wulfila, he spread Christianity among his fellow tribesmen. Fought in the troops of the leader Fritigern against the pagan Athanarich. In 372, Nikita was burned alive. Soon his relics began to perform miracles and bring healing.

Customs and traditions

Among the people, Saint Nikita (Autumn) is the patron saint of geese and all poultry. With the onset of the autumn Nikita, work in the bypass begins.

Reap is being cleaned

This is where the other name of the holiday comes from – Riporiz. Turnips are planted for the winter at the end of June. She reaches Nikita-Gusiatnyk. If you dig it up later, it can freeze and become soft, bitter and watery.

It is customary to serve baked goose with turnips to the dinner table. At the same time, the goose is always served without the head, so as not to anger the householder, who counts the birds by the heads.

Rites on the day of Nikita Goose

In addition, Saint Nikita is considered the protector of children from troubles, misfortunes and diseases. On this day and not only, with care for children, a short but strong prayer should be said:

" Saint Nikita, pray to the Lord to protect him (her) from visible and invisible enemies, from all troubles and misfortunes.

Folk omens

On Nikita's holiday The goosekeeper paid attention to the behavior of the geese. Among the folk omens there are also humorous ones.

  • If a goose hides its nose under its wing – to be early and cold in winter.
  • A goose raises its paw – to the cold. Standing on one leg – to severe frost. If he hides his nose under his wing – to early winter, and rinses in water – to a strong warming.
  • If migratory geese often sit on the ground, and starlings are not yet in a hurry to fly away – to a dry and warm autumn.
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  • If there is no wind at all on Nikita, everything planted in the ground will grow well.