September 29 – Eufimiya Prekhvalna, Bird's Bone: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

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September 29, 2022, 06:08 | Culture

Today you can't be jealous, wish someone else's good and happiness – what you planned will not happen and everything will only get worse.

September 29 — Euthymia Prekhvalna, Bird's Bone: history, traditions and signs of the holiday

On the twenty-ninth of September (September 16 according to the old style) the Orthodox Church honors Saint Euthymia Vsekhvalna, informs Ukr.Media.


Euphemia lived in the III-IV centuries in the city of Chalcedon. The ruler of the city Priscus personally forced Euthymia to renounce her faith, offering expensive gifts, torturing her and, finally, throwing the girl to the beasts. Euphemia appealed to God to take her soul, and God heard her. At that moment, a strong earthquake began, during which many pagan temples were destroyed.

Customs and traditions

People in Russia the holiday was named Bird's Bone. In those days, there was a lot of hunting for wild birds. The prey was brought home. Dishes prepared from game were served to the table.

During eating, it was possible to determine the amount of accumulated fat in the bird. If it was in large quantities, they talked about a fierce winter. If the bird did not accumulate fat, a warm winter was expected.

On the feast of Euphemia, several main traditions are observed.

Cabbage is fermented

Preparation: Finely chop a large head of cabbage without the head in an enamel dish. Grate 2 peeled raw carrots on a medium grater. Pour 3 tbsp. l. salt, mix well.

Then leave for 10 minutes. for insisting. Put the cabbage in a clean three-liter jar, carefully tamping. The open jar, covered with a napkin, is placed in a plate and left for three days at room temperature.

Every seven to nine hours, the cabbage in the jar is pierced several times with a knife. This is how the gas accumulated from fermentation is released. After three days, the cabbage is ready. It is stored in a jar closed with a polyethylene lid in a cool place until spring itself.

Doing good deeds

At this time, there is a lot of preparatory work for winter. Some of the relatives or neighbors may not have time to cope. Knowing this, it is necessary to help, not to be offended.

On this day, traditionally prohibited activities should be excluded:

  • Fishing

It is not recommended to go to any bodies of water, even for a walk.

  • Moving and traveling

Change of residence, even temporary , this day can lead to trouble in the financial sphere and business relations.

  • Manifestation of envy

Even the manifestation of the so-called "white" envy is capable of causing trouble on this day. Subconsciously, a person notes for himself that he lives worse and his affairs progress more slowly than those of the one whom he envies. It is forbidden to complain about life on this day.

Folk omens

  • Thunder on the day of Euphemia – winter without snow.
  • If the cat goes to sleep with its tail to the north, the north wind blows, and if it is to the south, then the south wind.
  • The jackdaws fly in a flock – to warm sunny weather.
  • The leaves on the trees are yellow, but they do not fly around – until the long autumn.