Sergey Babkin touched the Network of “accidental” photos with my daughter

Sergey Babkin – not only a popular musician and actor, but also a great dad. The artist proves that from time to time as its attitude to the family and friends. The father literally does not depart from the youngest son of Elisha, and tries to spend more time with Straseni children – Arthur and Vaselines. Babkin family loves going and even despite the cold, goes to the boardwalk. Such a moment inspired by Sergei for writing poetry. For example, the latter of which he dedicated to his daughter and wife. Fresh frame in Instagram, the musician is depicted with Veselina in the Park.

Сергей Бабкин растрогал Сеть «случайным» фото с дочкой

Touching photos of dad and daughter in a moment of mental communication made if by accident. Girl in a bright jumpsuit sitting on a stump, and Sergei sat down next to her, snuggled up to my forehead to her head and put his hands on his knees daughter.

“Girl of my childhood,” he left a succinct and eloquent signature quivering frame artist.

Сергей Бабкин растрогал Сеть «случайным» фото с дочкой

Under the commentators could not resist the warm words to the star families – they were moved by the manner of communication between father and daughter.

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  • Such a warm photo, despite this already, so the cooler weather… You are beautiful!
  • Wonderful picture, charming dad with DotA
  • True love of father to daughter is a special feeling
  • Incredible photo! Very touching and cute! Parental Love is so!
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