Sergey Tokarev on STEM is FEM: Created to motivate and promote

STEM is FEM is a charitable, educational project which has shown a sound impact on society at large. It has recently celebrated its two years birthday. Being relatively young in the business world, the initiative representatives are proud of having conducted many educational and training events. Sergey Tokarev, a co-founder of the project, shares the significant activities of the project and its plans.


Created to motivate

As Sergey Tokarev notes, the project chases a motivational approach. Combating gender bias in the technical spheres, the project team invites successful women dedicated to various spheres to inspire girls to feel confident when choosing a technical career. Thus, STEM is FEM has developed specific educational modules to present in different establishments.

The co-founder shares the latest project events. They had an opportunity to conduct these modules for two days. So, they could make a clear awareness of a complete picture of work in a particular field to students. In addition, each module ends up with technical creativity contests where girls can create their own products—3D models of ecological bicycle stations, robotic models, etc.—and tailor a plan for presenting new medicines to a pharmaceutical market, and so on. In such a manner, the project contributes to the growth of young female scientists who will clearly understand the industry’s specifics, current market needs, and differentiate key trends.

The motivation of STEM is FEM also involves rewarding the winners of the contest with valuable prizes. Sergey Tokarev says they encourage the winners to keep their further development. For instance, the winner of the Pharmaceutical module was awarded professional microscope, the winner of the 3D Printing module—3D printer, of the Construction and Architecture—a graphic tablet, and many others.

Along with educational events, STEM is FEM organized webinars on cybersecurity, managing a private Instagram account, sketching, writing motivation letters, photography, searching for educational options abroad. In addition, some motivational workshops were held like “How to speak well about yourself” and “How to be a volunteer.” This project is supported by international organizations such as UNICEF and UNDP that take the fame of the STEM is FEM project overseas.

Thereby, for two years of existence, STEM is FEM has turned into a solid community containing hundreds of girls interacting with each other and helping each other in a particular field. Totally, the project events have hosted about 1000 people from all over Ukraine: high school female students and those who are just interested in science.


Ukraine needs to know its heroines

Sergey Tokarev proudly mentions the launch of the SHE is SCIENCE subsidiary project supported by UNICEF and UN Women in Ukraine. It reveals the stories of twelve remarkable female scientists in Ukraine who have contributed to science development, social impact, and the formation of gender equality in the 20th and 21st centuries. To embody the objectives set, the best illustrators were engaged to produce stylized portraits of heroines: Zhenya Polosina, Sergei Maidukov, Olya Dekhtyareva, Anna Ivanenko, and Anna Sarvira.

The official presentation of the exhibition was held on June 10. First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska and some foreign diplomats also took part in it. Then, it has traveled around Ukraine and visited Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Poltava, Krivyyi Rih, and other cities.

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