Sergey Tokarev on STEM projects, a university for computer science and female scientists

Sergey Tokarev on STEM projects, a university for computer science and female scientists

Ukrainian IT specialists are increasingly in demand worldwide. As a result, the idea of setting up a school with a novel training system for IT experts is gaining more traction. Roosh founder Sergey Tokarev spoke on the likelihood of setting up a computer science university in Ukraine, offering programs such as AI and ML, among others. He emphasized that the future school aims to produce not just skilled IT technicians but good businessmen.

Sergey Tokarev has put his signature on a memo on the setup of the school alongside the Kyiv School of Economics’ President, Tymofiy Mylovanov. The school will be founded on principles of innovation, embracing novel approaches to IT knowledge. The school will have its R&D labs and venture studios. The school will also have global accreditation, a Kyiv campus, and IT leaders from different countries.

Sergey has almost two decades of IT experience. He was among those who first used and evaluated Reface before its launch. He founded Pawa, a studio that works on ML and AI projects.

Tokarev’s company, Roosh, incorporates numerous information technology startups, a venture fund, and a number of academic projects that have taken a prominent spot in the activities or schedule of the founder for several years. Last year in May, he supported a hackathon founded and established by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. This hackathon received massive participation from almost 900 teams. The IT contest named HackCorona as the IT projects were committed to handling the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He played a part in initiating a project STEM is FEM, which is aimed at unsettling gender-based stereotypes. It was an essay contest on one of 12 female scientists, and the eventual winner got covered her tuition fees as the prize for winning the contest. Sergey believes that Ukraine will succeed in the development and advancement of the STEM school system.

Sergey noted that over 400 Ukrainian startups registered last year, saying it is just the starting point. He stressed that most schools focus on theory and neglect the practical aspect. IT development is happening at a much quicker pace than the updating of state high school programs.

He explains that Stanford offers STEM students the chance to go practical on what they have learned. Teachers actively play a role in honing their students and benefit through profits if their startups thrive. He noted the absence of this in Ukraine.

Sergey noted that the staffing gap is another major problem for the information technology industry in Ukraine. The most intense need for specialists in the information technology industry does not just result in enhanced rivalry. It also results in brain drain. As a result, the most qualified and talented IT experts depart Ukraine for greener pastures, which offer a better working environment, conditions, and better remuneration.

Sergey Tokarev also thinks that gender-based stereotypes are a major demerit of realization in STEM. He said that only a dismal 25% of the IT people in Ukraine are females. He stresses that balancing genders in the IT industry is essential to ensure productivity and create a healthy environment for the teams in various IT companies.

He stated that the establishment of a computer science university would gradually change the entire IT industry in the country. This way, it will make Ukraine well-known not just for the sheer quality of its IT personnel but prominent projects with an astonishing market capitalization worth billions of dollars.

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