Sergey Tokarev: ZibraAI creates the project Sirens to praise and support Ukrainians



The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought ruins and sorrow into the life of each Ukrainian. People became victims of war and are suffering from a lack of food, medicine, and medical care. Every industry’s sector has been involved to be helpful in such a difficult time for the country and for the nation. Thus, ZibraAI has launched the project Sirens to support Ukrainians. The founding partner at Roosh Sergey Tokarev commented on what the project is and how it helps people from Ukraine.

How did the project Sirens emerge?

War never brings neither good outcomes nor beginnings. It comes only with a message to destroy and kill. Such an awful event happened to the peaceful Ukrainian nation in the early morning of February 24, 2022. The country was starting a new day that was unexpectedly interrupted by targeted missiles. It is possible to see the fear, the sorrow, and the pain in the faces of thousands of Ukrainians who became victims of war. There are many war events pictured and sirens people became accustomed to hearing several times a day.

That is why one of the companies from Roosh’s portfolio, ZibraAI, decided to create an AI project to help raise funds due to blockchain technology. The money raised they donate to the largest Ukrainian charity funds and In addition, considering the reality of war, the project team developed the “Sirens” gallery which includes over 150 war events that have left a mark in Ukrainian history forever.

Sergey Tokarev explains that “Sirens” is an NFT gallery 1991 AI-generated artworks depicting the sorrow of war. It consists of three separate sales events. The first two drops on OpenSea are 661 NFTs in each drop. The third drop is 669 NFTs on Near. The NFT price starts at $100.

The project Sirens focuses on raising funds for children and adults who are forced to remain in danger. When purchasing NFTs from the Sirens gallery, buyers directly help rescue people. Such an engagement allows for supporting Ukraine as well as uniting contemporary artists and the tech industry around the effort of protecting the values Ukraine is fighting for.

How does the project Sirens work?

According to Sergey Tokarev, Russian aggression has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in hundreds of Ukrainian settlements. Millions of residents had to flee, but thousands couldn’t get out of the epicenter of the war.

Raised funds are aimed at helping:

  • children and their families who have been forced to flee combat zones, including those who now live in shelters for internally displaced people;
  • elderly people who could not escape the war and were left alone;
  • people in occupied and unoccupied cities and towns across Ukraine that are currently on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe;
  • hospitals that provide help to adults and children affected by the war.

The project team also wanted to praise the courage of Ukrainians and preserve the history of this war in the blockchain forever.


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