Series “Bunker”. Putin, Shoigu, Solovyov and Kadyrov are ridiculed in the new work of Kvartal-95

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  • The Bunker series. The new work of Kvartal-95 ridicules Putin, Shoigu, Solovyov and Kadyrov

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  • Bunker series. Putin, Shoigu, Solovyov and Kadyrov are ridiculed in the new work of Kvartal-95

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For the first time since the beginning of the war, Kvartal 95 released a sharp satirical comedy parodying our enemies – the leaders and propagandists of the Russian Federation

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On October 7, the satirical series “Bunker” by Studio “Kvartal 95” started on the TET channel, where Putin, Shoigu, Solovyov, Lukashenko, Kadyrov are harshly ridiculed. resistance, but also a successful counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Separate plots are the communication between the Russian occupier Vanya and his beloved wife Nastya.

“Bunker”: a new series from Kvartal-95. The truth has never been so funny

Yuri the Great plays both Putin and a Russian soldier, Yevgeny Koshevoy plays Vladimir Solovyov's propagandist, Ramzan Kadyrov is portrayed by Alexander Pikalov. products of “quarters”.

Since the beginning of the war, the Kvartal 95 studio has stopped releasing new satirical content – not before. Basically, the most famous comedians of the country were engaged in “variety and camping” activities: they gave more than 140 concerts for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But the time has come, apparently, to start producing new serial production – the material has accumulated.

Before the war, the level of satirical topicality of Kvartal's products caused criticism – they began to criticize the authorities too softly when the leader of Kvartal, Volodymyr Zelensky, became president of Ukraine. But regarding our enemies in this war – the Russians – the hands of the “quarters” are completely untied.

“The Russian authorities have set an ambitious task – to seize Ukraine, although they cannot even cope with their own stupidity. Putin, Shoigu, Lukashenko, Solovyov , Kadyrov. Are they as scary as they are portrayed? The truth has never been so … funny. You have a unique opportunity to find out before the international tribunal how everything really happened in Russia, “the authors say in the release of the TV movie.

The feature of the “Bunker” project is that its characters speak Russian, and the off-screen voice translates their conversation into Ukrainian – the way it really was, without embarrassment in expressions. Sometimes the taste of the authors changes, but in general the project hits not in the eyebrow, but in the eye: the first episode of “Bunker” scored 1.7 million views in four days.

It plays up a completely unfunny topic for Ukrainians – the first days of the Russian invasion of our country. Vladimir Solovyov, in his portrayal of Yevgeny Koshevoy, comments on the speech of the Russian dictator in his “forcing” tone: “Vladimir Putin's great speech about declaring war has entered the history books.” The voice-over “translated” it into Ukrainian in this way: “Now a paragraph is beginning from it: how Russia has collapsed.”

All the actors perfectly parody their “originals” – Yuri the Great (still recently portraying Vladimir Zelensky) – Putin, Alexander Pikalov – Kadyrova, and Yevgeny Koshevoy in the role of Solovyov's propagandist – this is just a symphony, the actor is so accurate in the transfer of “Soloviev trills”.

“Tomorrow Russian tanks will be in Poland,” Koshevoy-Soloviev roars menacingly.

The Bunker series. The new work of Kvartal-95 ridicules Putin, Shoigu, Solovyov and Kadyrov

 Bunker series. In the new work of

The off-screen voice calls Shoigu a “reindeer herder”. In the second series, Putin is waiting for news from Shoigu and Kadyrov about the capture of Kyiv in order to open the coveted bottle of champagne. But there is no news. Everyone, except Putin, understands that “something went wrong.”

Putin: “Sergey Kuzhugetovich, is the Mongoose Jump operation to take Kyiv going according to plan?”

Shoigu: “Operation 'Mongoose Jump' is underway…”

The off-screen voice reads the thoughts of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation: “Ide, you can say,” by “or you can say” by “. I have a heart attack, if wine is so needed?”.

Curious comments by Koshevoy and Veliky about the “Bunker”: what does it feel like to be in the shoes of an enemy?

Veliky: “It's not so hard to get into the role of Putin as to get out of it. As soon as I get out, I immediately brush my teeth and wash my face.” Koshevoy: “The whole film crew and make-up artists already hate us in these images. They made Medvedev out of me, the make-up artist is standing over his head: “I would have cut it with scissors.”

The project assumes that each “quarter” will play several There are also guest actors who play the roles of Lukashenka, Shoigu, etc.

Veliky plays in Bunker and the Russian soldier Vanya, who was sent on a “special operation” to Ukraine and who believed that he will be “greeted with fireworks” here.

Nastya: “Who is the first?”

Vanya (pause): “We haven't learned that yet.”

Explosions , flashes of fire.

Nastya: “Soloviev says that you are met with pies.”

Vanya (shouting): ” Not with pies, but with ** lyami”.

I must say that about Vanya and Nastya, Kvartal even earlier began making issues for the renewed New Evening Quarter. This episode is replete with black humor, but the popularity is high: 1.3 million views.

Vanya (returned from the Ukrainian front): “What makes you think that I died?”< /p>

Nastya: “They sent me a photo with a field and the inscription: “Somewhere there.”

Vanya: “Our entire battalion died. I was the only one left alive.”

Nastya: “I've always said you're generally unsociable!” (everyone laughs in the hall).

Vanya: “There is such a thing”.

On Friday, October 14 at 22.30 on the TET channel, the premiere of new episodes of the comedy “Bunker” will take place.

“Quarter 95 ” has again entered its former sharply satirical form.