Serious changes to “Question for Breakfast”. The longtime star of the program will be missing. Here are the next decisions of Joanna Kurska

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Many were outraged by the dismissal of Jacek Kurski from the president's position to hire his wife in TVP.

 Serious changes in the

Anyone who followed the situation related to the change of the president Polish Television, he was very surprised when the media circulated the news that the wife of former TVP president Joanna Kurska took the position of the head of the “Question for Breakfast” program.

The celebrity disappeared from the program, but not from the television itself

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Many Poles have lost the proverbial jaw. In the live format itself, quite noticeable changes began to take place. After saying goodbye to the program of Tamara Gonzalez Perei, her studio partner Robert El Gendy was left alone, without a partner, which, according to the management board of Telewizja Polska, is unacceptable in the breakfast program format.

When asked about the decision related to Robert's departure from the “Question for Breakfast” program, TV employees stated that this was dictated by the tendency of viewers to get used to the constant duo amongst the hosts.

As it turns out, after Tamara's disappearance, Robert El Gendy began to appear on the air of breakfast very occasionally. Most often he replaced colleagues who were unable to conduct the program at the moment. According to information from TVP, viewers do not like this type of change. Fortunately, the journalist also engages in acting. We can see him in the series “Commissioner Rex”, in which he plays the role of a forensics technician.

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The star himself approached these changes with calm and cold blood – Something ends, something begins, besides, I have a very positive approach to life and every experience is just a life lesson […]

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