Serious concerns about the princess. Plans for her kidnapping came to light. What is happening to her now

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The Dutch royal family is seriously concerned about Princess Amalia.

 Serious concerns about the princess. Plans to kidnap her have come to light. What is happening with her now.

unpleasant reports from the Kingdom of the Netherlands According to the portal “Wirtualna Polska”, the local heir to the throne became the target of the mafia operating in Amsterdam.

Princess Amalia began her studies there, wanting to experience normal student life and establish relationships outside the royal family living in a dormitory, unfortunately she had to put her safety first and return to the palace in her native Hague.

'It has great ramifications for her life. There is no student life like other students. I'm really proud of her for the way it holds up & rdquo; & ndash; was recently spoken by Queen Maxim.

 Serious concerns about the princess. Plans to kidnap her have come to light. What is happening to her now.

It turns out that she is organized criminal group & lsquo; Mocro Maffia & rsquo; she planned to kidnap her. In addition, the princess received numerous defeats.

Eventually, the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands had to move out of Amsterdam. The risk was too great even in the presence of security.

Unfortunately, the whole situation is having a negative impact on Princess Amalia. The media reports that the 18-year-old does not leave the house.

The whole matter has been heavily publicized and is currently being investigated by the relevant services. However, all indications are that the daughter of King William-Alexander will not yet return to studying politics, economics, law and psychology in Amsterdam.

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